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יוסי סוקציו - צלם אופנה ותדמית בסטייל


My name is Yossi Socacio and I am a Fashion & beauty photographer.

Hello, and thank you for choosing to visit my website 🙂
Photography for me is a way of life and it is important to me that every picture I take will make the viewer feel something, even for a brief moment.

My inspiration comes from photographers from the past, art and periods like the 50’s- 80’s.
I am always looking for a harmonious combination around me: in nature, in people and in life And when I find it, everything looks like a perfect composition – that’s the essence of photography for me.

I work with my talented wife, Michal Socacio, who is an Art Director ,Graphic Designer and together we aspire to create interesting and special productions.


MARIKA  Magazine (RUSSIA) Artells Magazin, BLOOM MAGAZINE (roma, italia) VIA DONNA MAGAZINE (Madrid, SPAIN) Vigour Magazine (Canada) Elléments Magazine (New York) Edith Magazine (Toronto, ON Canada) Edith Mode Magazine, Beautica Magazine, RAAMAT Magazine, UnTold Magazine, POZA Magazine, Panache&Style (New York) DREAMY ELITE Magazine, New Face Magazine (Los Angeles CA) GMARO Magazine (USA) Vous Magazine (SPAIN) Top Posters Magazine,OVER Magazine (New York) MOB JOURNAL Magazine, SUMMERS Magazine (Miami USA) Vixen Girl Collective Magazine, OFF TOWN Magazine, INTRA magazine, EVON Magazine (Miami USA) HORIZONT Magazine, Luxia Magazine (UK) HiLife Magazine (USA & AUSTRALIA).

"Every photo is a unique moment in time".

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