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How to Create a Fashion Production

The most important part of fashion photography is how you translate a visual story and apply your creative style to a particular idea.
In order to create a fashion production, you actually need 8 important things:

  1. An interesting and original idea (depending on whether it is for a customer or for a personal creation).
  2. Reference to time, a particular period if relevant.
  3. Lighting that suits the scene.
  4. An interesting outdoor location or a well-equipped studio.
  5. Mood, theme and aesthetics.
  6. A team of people who are suitable for the subject of production: hair, make-up and styling.
  7. Conduct research and create a neat inspiration board.
  8. And of course a professional photographer.

Create A Fashion Board For Your Editorial

This is the place to go wild and bring special ideas in case it is an editorial production and if there is a talented and enthusiastic team on the idea then the result will surely be wonderful.

Decide The Purpose Of Your Fashion Photoshoot

It is always better to be clear about the purpose of the shooting. Are the photos used to expand the entire team portfolio? Are you going to send them for publication? Maybe you are trying to attract a particular style of take for a particular brand?

How To Plan A Photo shoot With A Mood Board

You can get inspiration from current events, seasons, Pinterest, Instagram fashion magazines and more. Once you have visual ideas that are close to what you want to shoot it makes the day of filming neat and the team works according to scenes and the photographer knows exactly what he is doing and minimizes disorder on the set.

Finding a suitable team for production

In my experience if the whole team is involved in the shooting issue their investment will be more dedicated and accurate for the benefit of all.

It is very important to create a human connection with the model and make sure she or he understands the subject of shooting and have some enthusiasm for the photo shoot. We usually work with a model from a modeling agency or freelancer.

A makeup artist who is also a hair stylist is a significant advantage and better for production in general. The more experienced the makeup artist is, the more subjects you will be able to photograph and make the most of the day of the photo shoot.

A professional fashion stylist can contribute a lot to the shooting day. A stylist is usually up to date with the fashion trends of the season and her main task is to put on costumes and accessories in coordination with the story and concept defined in the brief or mood board.

Organization of day and time of production

It is very important to update everyone exactly what hours of shooting will take place and in what area it will be easy to get to the location.

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