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How to Prepare for a Professional Business Portrait

Professional business portraits have become a very important tool in business marketing. Whether you need a photo that will represent you on social media in a respectable manner, or you need photos for business marketing purposes on the company website, professional portrait photography is essential for the business.

  1. It is important to plan the content of the photos in advance – find a date that suits you and does not overlap with other activities in the office. Also, are you just being photographed or other people from your company?
  2. What do you plan to wear? Preference for a suit or shirt with a long sleeve for example. And you should also bring another set of clothing. Avoid clothes that have large stripes and prominent patterns. Even if this outfit flatters you it catches a lot of attention in photography.
  3. Men are advised to wear a suit that is appropriate if women prefer to wear a shirt (not transparent or too tight) or a dress that flatters the figure. If necessary, it is possible to add a professional stylist to the team who will add color and other interest that will compliment you and look great.
  4. Plan in advance the colors that compliment you – for hair and dark skin, light clothing will suit and vice versa. If you are undecided consult the photographer.
  5. Minimal use of accessories For example, do not wear oversized earrings or a large watch. If you wear glasses you will bring the set you are used to.
  6. A professional makeup artist who also arranges the hair is always fun to have on the set. This way you will surely feel that you look your best and that everything is taken care of.
  7. The most important thing is that you arrive on time! In order for you to have the opportunity to get used to the studio and get organized comfortably and be relaxed during the photoshoot 🙂

We will be happy to be at your disposal for any necessary planning, including the accompanying staff for Photoshoot. You can contact us here.

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