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How to Plan a Fashion Production

To start planning an interesting fashion production you need an idea and inspiration.

Ideas can be obtained from movies, books ,Fashion magazines of the past, social networks, Pinterest, etc.The truth is that everything in our lives can be the source of inspiration and if you are creative enough it can become an idea for an amazing fashion production. Luckily for me my wife is a talented art director with lots of ideas. She is always up to date on the latest trends And she follows and updates with staff members like makeup artists and stylists.

In order to plan an interesting fashion production you will definitely need a team that will know how to translate the idea of the production into an appealing visual story. For this you will need :

  1. An experienced and great photographer.
  2. An experienced model or more preferably from a model agency.
  3.  A talented makeup artist – in my experience it is better to have a makeup artist on the set , who also knows how to style hair and finally Uncompromising & styling experienced stylist.
  4. The location of the production and the time of the photoshoot are very important. If you choose to take photos early in the morning compared to evening, you will get a completely different atmosphere in the end result of the photos. 

It is therefore very important to plan everything as much as possible in advance and make sure that the entire team is available for the day of shooting.

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Fashion Photoshoot by Yossi Socacio Photographer

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